We think technically.


For your business to work to its full potential you need an effective IT strategy that aligns with your business goals. Most markets have experienced massive disruption due to digital transformation and the importance of IT in the workplace is now more clearly defined and understood. A good IT structure and environment is now a fundamental piece of any Business. A lot of organisations are now unsure of whether the technology they are using is the best fit for the direction the business is going, will it help or hinder their goals. Does it meet regulatory guidelines does it meet their budget is it future proof and is their infrastructure secure from internal and external threats.



Founded in 2005.


Highland It was founded in 2005 so you can be sure you are receiving an experienced service. With this philosophy our goal is to exceed the expectations of all our customers by offering outstanding customer services, increased flexibility, and greater value from all their IT assets. With over 25 years in IT, working for some of the world’s leading IT companies such as Dell and Accenture. Over the last 10 years, Highland IT has worked with some of Scotland’s Premier Hotel chains and Boutique Hotels including Gleneagles, Hotel du Vin, Malmaison, Marriot and Holiday Inn.


The expertise needed


The field of IT is what we’re about, with this in mind we strive to be at the cutting edge of technology. We are mindful that not all businesses have the resources or requirement to have the latest technology, that is why we work closely with our customers to design a solution that fits their requirements and budget that is futured proof functional and secure.



With cloud consulting and cloud implementation, you reduce the reliance on your facilities and internal team while allowing you to focus your attention on growing your business.


We offer a full Wireless Survey and design service for new solutions, and we can also survey existing wireless implementations to identify problems.

Cyber Security

Security is the main priority of any network. One attack could bring your business to its knees and that can have a significant impact on productivity and profits.

Managed Services

Our managed IT services are focused on personalized customer service where we have learnt to implement our technical support far beyond the IT department, in a manner that considers impact on the entire organization.