Using the latest Wireless Access Points and Wireless LAN Controllers we can create secure wireless networks indoors or outdoors, and in a range of environments, such as offices, hotels, warehouses, factory floors, hospitals, and schools. We have experience in Hospitality, Retail, Construction and Private Estate Services where wireless is a key enabling technology for Internet of Things applications. We offer a full Wireless Survey and design service for new solutions, and we can also survey existing wireless implementations to identify problems. Some of our wireless partners are the leading brands when it comes to Wifi Solutions, providing on the best in connectivity and reliability.


Long-range wireless bridge systems are used to provide internet or network access between two or more buildings. The buildings can be 20 meters or 20 miles apart as long as there is a reasonable line of sight. A bridge is made by installing a specialized device at each location. These devices communicate wirelessly and make it possible to share your network or internet access.