With the network being at the heart of any business, it is important that the technology works for you and not the other way round. Our focus is making what appears to be complex, seamless and straight forward.

As businesses expand, networks have a tendency to grow ‘arms and legs’ and what started as a simple network become bloated and unreliable. Our proactive approach aims to keep your network simple but effective.

We have been installing and maintaining networks for over 15 years and have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise which enables us to keep your day-to-day operations online. The end result in today’s fast-paced world, allows for reliable communication and data transmission across all of your connected devices.

We build secure networks using both hardware (e.g., routers, switches, access points, and cables) and software (e.g., operating systems or business applications).

LAN (local area network)

A LAN connects computers over a relatively short distance, allowing them to share data, files, and resources. For example, a LAN may connect all the computers in an office building, school, or hospital. Typically, LANs are privately owned and managed.

WLAN (wireless local area network)

A WLAN is just like a LAN but connections between devices on the network are made wirelessly.

WAN (wide area network)

As the name implies, a WAN connects computers over a wide area, such as from region to region or even continent to continent. The internet is the largest WAN, connecting billions of computers worldwide. You will typically see collective or distributed ownership models for WAN management.

VPN (virtual private network)

A VPN is a secure, point-to-point connection between two network end points (see ‘Nodes’ below). A VPN establishes an encrypted channel that keeps a user’s identity and access credentials, as well as any data transferred, inaccessible to hackers.


At Highland IT we only use industry leading technology to deliver solutions for our clients. Our proactive cloud managed solutions allow us to remotely maintain and fix the majority of issues before they impact business.






With cloud consulting and cloud implementation, you reduce the reliance on your facilities and internal team while allowing you to focus your attention on growing your business.


We offer a full Wireless Survey and design service for new solutions, and we can also survey existing wireless implementations to identify problems.

Cyber Security

Security is the main priority of any network. One attack could bring your business to its knees and that can have a significant impact on productivity and profits.

Managed Services

Our managed IT services are focused on personalized customer service where we have learnt to implement our technical support far beyond the IT department, in a manner that considers impact on the entire organization.