Security is the main priority of any network. One attack could bring your business to its knees and that can have a significant impact on productivity and profits.

Cyber Security threats are at an all-time high due to the introduction of remote working, the threats and risks continue to grow at a rapid rate. In an ever-evolving landscape, companies of all sizes are facing increased threats to their sensitive business and client data. As a result, businesses of all sizes find themselves navigating through uncharted waters where they may not have the right equipment, or knowledge to protect themselves and their data.



We implement and roll out Bitdefender to scan and monitor the network for any threats on your network. Providing you with a safe piece of mind that your network is secure. Furthermore, we proactively monitor and if there are any threats internal or external in your network, we insure there is little or no downtime increasing productivity for your business. We implement system wide monitoring policies and software alerting us of any threats. For issues that cannot be auto resolved within a member of our team will rapidly respond and resolve the issue as promptly as possible. Providing a better business strategy increasing work output putting your mind at ease.




So, what is Bitdefender you may ask? Bitdefender is a safe antivirus application. In fact, during tests set out by an independent team it was one of the top antivirus applications out there. It is a lightweight powerful application that doesn’t slow down your device. Meaning you can get on to what is important during the day.