We only use industry-leading Commercial grade Ekahau equipment and software for our WiFi Scanning.

This will allow us to provide you with a heatmap showing the signal strength throughout the surveyed area. We can also set this to show signal strength for small handheld devices (like a smartphone) or larger devices (like a laptop).

It also shows what issues is found within the network, some examples are:

  • Area with low Signal Strength
  • #APs Number of Access Points
  • Data rate (slow bandwidth)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (waste frequencies interfering)
  • Round Trip Time / Latency (how long it takes for data to perform a round trip)
  • Data Packet Loss
  • Channel Interference

It also collects a wealth of information about the operation of the network being surveyed and surrounding networks. This information includes:

  • SSIDs broadcast by each AP
  • MAC Address
  • Channel used
  • Channel width
  • Vendor
  • Predicted access point location
  • Separated views of both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies

In addition to the above, our engineer will also add their own comments about the network, explaining the main issues discovered and suggesting possible solutions.